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We are an innovative training and consulting firm dedicated to enabling individuals and businesses to unlock their potential!

What we offer

innovative programs dedicated to specific challenges organizations and individuals face in today's rapidly changing and highly competitive environment. We offer customized solutions to unlock one's potential!


  In quipping each organization and individual to      discovering their distinctive personality!


           in providing insights in defining one’s                    personality's natural characteristics


         in developing a plan to maximize         one’s personality's attributes to its fullest potential!

Meet our president

John Schwaiger, PhD


 Dr. John Schwaiger of the founder and president of Careerformation – USA and Co-founder of Proformation – Europe.  He is the author of the “In Search of a Good-Fit Series on Career Planning and College Preparation;” for Students, Adults and Teachers Editions, and Uniquely YourUniquely Yours – Unlock Your Potential!  For the past 35 years, he has developed and conducted seminars in:

     Business’ DNAUniquely YoursUnlock Your Business Potential!
     Team Development & Management – Personality Type & Functionally Styles
     Uniquely Yours – Uniquely Yours – Unlock Your Potential!
     Getting to Know & Better Understand Ourselves – Personality Type & Couples
     Career Planning & College Preparation for high school students and parents
     Career Preparation for college students
     Career Development & Management for adults

He has conducted a series of regional workshops and seminars in 29 countries  in high schools and universities and at regional national conferences in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America and the United States.  He has developed and taught Career Planning & College Preparation Courses for two online high schools for 13 years.  He offers individualized personal and professional counseling sessions.

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For more information on our innovative Uniquely Yours – Unlock Your Potential training, resources and strategy and its benefits, contact us at office@careerformation.org.