Vocational Interest Inventory

Holland_CodeAre you making wise decisions about your career?  Like thousands of others, you are probably asking yourself the following questions:

  • What career should I prepare for in college?
  • How can I have the confidence that the career I am considering is right for me?
  • What are my career options, and how can I find out which options may be right for me?

The majority of today’s high school, college student, as well as adult in the work force, are asking themselves these same questions.  They are wondering what career they should be prepare or if they should make a change.  They may change majors several times during their college years.  They may complete college in five to six years instead of four. They enter careers for which they did not prepare.

The Strong Vocational Interest Inventory can help you begin the task of exploring, investing, and evaluating your career options.  The Strong Vocational Interest Inventory will give you:

  • Confidence to pursue a career you want to prepare for in college or change into,
  • Insights into the types of careers, activities and work environments that will appeal to you,
  • Provide career options that you may have not considered, and much more!

The Strong interest inventory has helped thousands to begin their career exploration, evaluation, and selection process, and it can help you too.  It can help you too!  For more information on the vocational interest inventory, sample high school or adult profile report and ordering instructions click the Contacting Us Form link and send us your request for information on the vocational interest inventory.  We will send you a sample of the vocational interest inventory high school or adult profile report and instructions on how to order and complete your inventory.  Please note which version  (high school or adult) of the sample report you like to receive.