Personality Type Indicator

Developing and managing healthy personal and professional relationships and a satisfying career requires discovering and understanding one’s personality, its unique characteristics and functions. You may be asking, “How can I:

  • Discover and understand my personality type and its characteristics?
  • Develop and manage healthier and happier relationships with family, friends, and fellow co-workers?
  • Find and manage the right career that fits my personality?

You can begin finding answers to these questions by completing a personality indicator.  The personality indicator has helped thousands discover and understand their personality type, develop and manage healthier and happier relationships, find careers that fit their personality.  It can help you too!  For more information on the personality indicator, sample profile report and ordering instructions click the Contacting Us Form link and send us your request for information on the personality indicator.   We will send you a sample of the personality report and instructions on how to order and complete your personality profile.