What individuals have said about Careerformation’s Seminars & Services

“As I think back on what, I learned from the seminar, it really wasn’t as much of a teaching thing as a thinking thing. It made me think seriously (which I hadn’t done yet) on which career is the best one for me. Mr. Schwaiger made the idea of going back to the states, going to college, and deciding what you are going to do with your life a reality.”

– Senior High School Student

“Careerformation’s Career Planning Seminar was helpful in showing me how to work from my strengths and abilities. The seminar has shown me that it is crucial to know what type of job to look for and how to effectively find a fulfilling, satisfying and enjoyable position. I appreciated the seminar’s leader sharing his expertise with us.”

– Adult participant

“It is not enough to find people remunerative employment. We must train them to identify their vocational interests, set goals and secure employment that is fulfilling and meaningful. It is to that end we invited Careerformation to conduct an in-dept Career Planning Seminar for our congregation. Because of its success, I heartily recommend the Careerformation’s Career Planning Seminar to other churches and organizations. I am convinced that the church has a responsibility to provide biblical and practical approach to career planning.”

– Associate Pastor

“Careerformation’s Career Planning & College Preparation Seminars and accompanying materials are very informative and well researched. Both are an asset to myself as the school counselor and to the high school students at our school who attended and participated in the seminar. I believe that Careeformation’s Christ centered presentation of college and career planning is both refreshing and on target. It shows students how to make the most of their God given talents and reassures them that God has a special purpose and plan for their lives. Finally, Careerformation’s Seminar and accompany materials will be a valuable addition to our guidance program. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Careerformation’s Career Planning and College Preparation Seminars and John Schwaiger to you and your school.”                                                                                  

– Guidance Counselor

“As parents, we found Careerformation Career Planning & College Preparation Seminars helpful in the stimulation of future-based discussion between our daughter and ourselves. Many practical topics were enthusiastically discussed (holidays, cars, financial aid forms, etc.) and although we had broached these subjects previously ourselves as a family, this time it was coming at our daughter’s initiative, thereby allowing us to see her in a more independent role as decision-maker student, an adult child. The opportunity to attend the evening session with our daughter allowed her to visibly see our support and acceptance of her and her plans and dreams and gave us all opportunity to analyze options and express willingness to support each other in seeking appropriate solutions. We would highly recommend Careerformation’s Career Planning & College Preparation Seminars to other students and parents as well. An added benefit is having an “outsider” confirm many of the concerns/issues that our family has already begun to grapple with together.

– Parent

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