Discovering Your Personality


Developing and managing healthy personal and professional relationships and a satisfying career require discovering and understanding one’s personality, its unique characteristics and functions. You may be asking, How can I:

  • Discover and understand my personality type and its characteristics?
  • Develop and manage healthier and happier relationships with family, friends and fellow co-workers?
  • Find and manage the right career that fits my personality?

You can begin finding answers to these questions by attending a Discovering Your God-Given Personality Seminar.  In the seminar you will gain answers and insights into:

  • Where you focus your attention – the outer-world of people or things or the inner-world of ideas and impressions,
  • The way you process information – through five senses with the focus on the present world or through patterns with the focus on the future world of possibilities,
  • The way you make decisions – through logic and objective analysis or through values and subjective feelings,
  • How you interact with the world around you – the planned and organized approach or flexible and spontaneous approach.

Discovering Your God-Given Personality Seminar has helped thousands discover and understand their personality type, develop and manage healthier and happier relationships, find careers that fit their personality. It can help you too!

For information on the seminar’s topics and schedule and on hosting a seminar at your church, high school, college or business please complete and e-mail the Contact Us Form.  Careerformation will prepare for your consideration a tailored seminar proposal to your specific needs.