Debtless Degree


Selecting the right career to prepare for and college, vocational or technical school to attend are some of the most important decisions high school students and their parents will face in the coming months and years. What makes these decisions critical are the economic, educational and technical changes taking place in today’s rapidly changing, competitive marketplace.   Along with these changes, escalating college costs have made it imperative for high school students and their parents to begin thinking, planning and preparing systematically for those important educational and career decisions.  Careerformation’s highly acclaimed Debtless Degree Workshop provides parents with practical tools, proven principles and timely information on how to guide their teens in the college exploration, evaluation and selection process.

The workshop goal is to encourage and motivate parents to begin assisting and guiding their teens in:

  • Thinking about their future after high school,
  • Gaining a sense of what vocational direction they should be heading,
  • Developing confidence to make wise career choices.

The workshop topics are:

  • To Go or Not to Go? – What are my reasons for going to college?
  • The Gap Year – Objectives, Advantages and Guidelines.
  • On the Road to College – College Essay, Educational Requirements List, Types of College and What to Look For in a College.
  • College Entrance Exams – What, why and when, rules, timing, strategies and preparation techniques.
  • Financial Aid – Programs and Process, Scholarship Myths, Scams, Mistakes, Dos and Don’ts. Money Management – Avoiding the Debt Pile Up and key Principles of Effective Money Management.
  • College the Twilight Zone – Preparing to deal with Loneliness, Adult and Cultural Syndromes.

Comments from parents who attended the Debtless Degree Seminar:

“The Debtless Degree Seminar was excellent, encouraging and informative.  It provided the information and principles that we needed to be able to ask our teens  specific questions about their reasons for going to college and future career plans. It also helped us to discover and become more aware of our teen’s God-given abilities and interests and how to lead them to discover their mission in life.”

“The seminar provide us the tools, guidance on how to loving lead, how to plan and discuss with our teens their future plans without conflicts”

“The seminar encouraged us to watch deadlines, encouraging students, praying and watching how God will provide for our teen’s college costs.”

“It was a big eye opener, my husband and I would have not known how to plan and prepare our teen for their future if it were not for this workshop. Thanks for the valuable insights and information.”

Learn how the Debtless Degree Seminar can help you and your teens in planning and preparing for a God-honoring and successful debtless future!   For information on the seminar’s topics and schedule and on hosting a seminar at your church or high school, please complete and e-mail the Contact Us Form.  Careerformation will prepare for your consideration a tailored seminar proposal to your specific needs.