College Preparation

ParentsTalkingTeensSome of the most confusing, complicated and costly tasks facing today’s high school students and their parents are selecting the right college to attend, preparing and paying for college.  Careerformation has developed and offers its highly acclaimed College Preparation Seminar provides high school students with a step by step organized process in exploring, evaluating and selecting the right college to attend.  Through Careerformation’s College Preparation Seminar, high school students will begin gaining insights and confidence on how to articulate credible reasons for wanting to go to college and making the right college choices.

The seminar goal is to encourage and motivate high school students to begin:

  • Thinking about their future after high school,
  • Developing credible reasons for going to college,
  • Selecting the right college that best fits their personality and prepares them for their selected major.

The seminar objective is to encourage and motivate high school to begin:

  • Establishing goals and objectives for attending college.
  • Exploring realistic college options.
  • Planning financially (financial aid, scholarships, etc.) for college.

The seminar philosophy is to encourage and motivate students to begin understanding that their college choices will:

  • Influence their ethics, values, worldview and interpretation of success.
  • Impact how they prepare for their selected career and their life.
  • Shape the types of goals they establish in their personal and professional life.

Seminar Includes:

  • In Search of a Good Fit – The Student’s Guide to Career Planning by Dr. John Schwaiger, President of Careerformation, Inc. It is a comprehensive, practical career planning and college preparation manual.
  • Vocational Interest Inventory & Evaluation provides students with the opportunity to begin identifying and reviewing their vocational interests and options.
  • Personality Indicator – provides students with the opportunity to begin identifying their personality type and match them with colleges that best fit them.

For information on the seminar’s topics and schedule and on hosting a seminar at your church or high school, please complete and e-mail the Contact Us Form.  Careerformation will prepare for your consideration a tailored seminar proposal to your specific needs.