Career Planning

Career-Planning-for-Better-Future1Selecting the right career to prepare for and college, vocational or technical school to attend are some of the most important decisions high students and their parents will face. What makes these decisions critical are the economic, educational, and technical changes taking place in today’s rapidly changing, competitive marketplace and influencing the development of tomorrow’s careers. Along with these changes, escalating college costs have made it imperative for students and their parents to begin thinking, planning and preparing systematically for those important educational and career decisions. Careerformation has developed and offers its highly acclaimed Career Planning Seminar to make  career exploration, evaluation and selection an organized, uncomplicated and less expensive process for today’s high school students and their parents.

The seminar goal is to encourage and motivate high school students to begin:

  • Thinking about their future after high school,
  • Gaining a sense of what vocational direction they should be heading,
  • Developing confidence to make wise career choices.

The seminar objective is to encourage and motivate high school students to begin:

  • Discovering their God-given uniqueness and its potential influence on their career choices,
  • Exploring realistic and rewarding career options,
  • Selecting and preparing for a satisfying, successful and God-honoring career.

The Seminar Includes:

  • In Search of a Good Fit- the Student’s Guide to Career Planning & College Preparation, by Dr. John Schwaiger
  • Vocational Interest Inventory & Evaluation – gives seminar attendees the opportunity to identify and review their vocational interests and options.
  • Personality Indicator – provides individuals with the opportunity to identify their personality type and to match with their careers that is a good fit.

For information on the seminar’s topics, schedule and on hosting a seminar at your church or high school, please complete and e-mail the Contacting Us Form.   Careerformation will prepare a tailored seminar proposal for your review and consideration.