Career Management


Major changes are occurring in the economic, educational and technical landscape in today’s marketplace. Changes that are having an impact on today’s employment opportunities and are influencing the development of tomorrow’s careers.  These changes are also producing uncertainty in our basic assumptions of who we are and how we view our careers and job security. Therefore, to find and manage a satisfying and successful career requires Career Management. Careerformation has developed and offers a insightful, informative and practical Career Management Seminar.  No matter what stage the members of your organization are in, this informative and dynamic seminar will prepare them for those life-changing career decisions they will face.  It will put them in touch with today’s changing marketplace trends and tomorrow’s career opportunities. Careerformation’s unique and high successful seminar will provide members of your organization with practical tools, proven principles and timely information to help them develop and manage a satisfying and success career.

The seminar objectives are to encourage and motivate members of your organization on how to begin…

…discovering their personality’s uniqueness and its potential influence and impact on their career

…exploring realistic and rewarding career options,

…developing and managing a satisfying and successful career that utilizes their personality and its unique characteristics to its fullest potential.

The seminar is for those members of your organization who are…

…considering a job or career change.

…unemployed seeking an effective marketing strategy for finding the right and rewarding position.

…Underemployed seeking greater satisfaction and challenge.

…retiring from the military and entering the civilian marketplace.

…seeking guidance as a college student in career selection and preparation.

…reentering the workforce after years of being out of the marketplace.

…successful but not satisfied with their career.

The Seminar Includes…

…In Search of a Good-Fit  The Adult’s Guide to Career Development & Management  by Dr. John Schwaiger, President of Careerformation, Inc.

…Vocational Interest Inventory & Evaluation – gives seminar attendees the opportunity to identify and review their vocational interests and options.

…Personality Indicator – provides individuals the opportunity to identify their personality type and to match it with careers that best fit them.

For information on seminar topics and schedule and on hosting Careerformation’s Career Development & Management Seminar at your church or organization, please complete and e-mail the Contacting Us Form.  Careerformation will prepare a tailored seminar proposal for your review and consideration.