Managing a Successful Team

3583595_thumbnail1Managing a successful team in today’s changing and competitive environment is a challenging task for many organizations. Managing a strong, effective and successful team require:

Knowing the team’s personality and its unique characteristics

Identifying the talents that each team member brings to the team and its tasks

Communicating the team’s goals, objectives and strategy

Careerformation’s Team Development & Management Seminar covers the following four essential cornerstones for developing and managing an effective school, ministry and business team:

Hand – Identifying each team member’s personality types and characteristics.

Resources – Identifying the team’s talents.

Gloves – Evaluating the team’s performance and recognizing the danger signs of career discontent and stagnation.

Fit – Identifying and promoting a good fit of the team member’s resources and responsibilities

Careerformation’s Managing a Successful Training Program includes:

Team member’s individual evaluation sessions

Team Diagnostics Evaluation & Report

In Search of a Good Fit – Adult”s Guide to Career Planning

Strong Vocational Interest Inventory

Personality Indicator – Profile Report

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